About Us

Our Vision:

Littlebull_4u is an experiential creative outlet for designer, Candice Stokes. Designing, experimenting, + creating to explore the ever-evolving, multiplicitus nature within us all. 

After working in the corporate fashion industry, Candice discovered that her values + ethics did not align with the fast-fashion job. She set out on a journey to discover how to make things for herself instead of contributing to mass produced items made overseas with exploitative labor.

After apprenticeships, part-time jobs, design school, and being the lead pattern maker at a small clothing brand in Oakland, California, she started her own clothing line, Littlebull_4u

A quick video from Littlebull about us!


How does Made to Order work?

Littlebull_4u is a Made to Order business. In order to cut down on waste, we do not overproduce every piece in every size in every color and wait for you to buy them. 

When you place an order, we get to work making that piece just for you! We pattern, cut, sew + ship all under one roof! 

Here is a quick video of the process!

Who are those cute characters?!

Inspired by a love of cartoons + anime, Suki + Inki are a representation of the multiplicity that lives within us all. This dynamic duo is sweet + savory, bubbly + brooding, cuddly + cutthroat. 

Littlebull_4u hopes you can see parts of yourself in them + feel inspired to be yourself, whoever you are in that moment.